• September 23, 2020

Following his heavy KO victory over James Connelly, 2020 is shaping up pretty bright and prosperous for the Birmingham banger as he will undoubtedly be licking his lips with aspirations of head-hunting his way to a world BKB title.

Although Tierney is about two years out of training and five million Snickers bars away from possessing the aesthetics of Andy Ruiz Jr – however, with just a little more than a week from the tournament, the Prizefighter champion was hitting 83kgs on the scales; which in “old money” was about a stone over the cut.

But with an intense – yet safe regime consisting of diet and vigorous excercise – Tierney successfully made the 76kg class on the day of the fight.

Now, with a formidable victory over an extremely credible opponent in Connellly – the man who brutally dragged Ricardo Franco out to the lethal depths of the BKB waters – Connor Tierney will be relishing a clash with any of the top fighters within the bare-knuckle jungle, for his confidence and ambitions will certainly be surging.

Let’s take a look at some potential opponents.

1. Ricardo Franco is obviously top of Connor’s list. A “Repeat or Revenge” rematch would be an enthralling prospect should Franco dispatch of his next opponent.

Since their bout in 2019’s Prizefighter, Tierney has definitely slipped a few gears.

2. Dean “Smudger” Smith. Worst case scenario Dean’s clash with Hubert Geven does not materialise due to injury etc – a bare-knuckled waltz with “Smudger” would be a cracker but extremely tough fight.

3. Alternatively – a scheduled seven round rematch with James Connelly. Some fans believe Connelly spent a lot of gas in the semi-final against Sean George, and given the opportunity to solely train for and fight his brummie compatriot – would in fact be a different outcome.

Whatever is in the pipeline for Connor Tierney – either way – I’m sure we’ll all be treated to a belting night of BKB.



One thought on “What’s next for Connor Tierney?

  1. Hello!

    After that vicious performance he should get title shot or BIG FIGHT.

    I have a question. Does BKB is officially legal in UK? What is a law status of the competitions?

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