• April 10, 2020

Last night at the Indigo, Connor Tierney stopped fellow BKB Prizefighter finalist James Connelly with a solid, emphatic right that would have avalanched a grizzly to the deck.

To his credit, in the semi-final against seasoned bare-knuckler Sean George, Connelly exhibited both his boxing prowess and ability to engage in a dog fight, earning the unanimous decision after a savage and scrappy opening round.

However, after a violently-accelarative two rounds, where both boxers pelted each other with a glut of venomous shots, like that of a pinata taking a brutal thrashing – it was Connor Tierney who landed cleanly in the second as “The Truth” dropped to the canvas; his legs residing in a “W” position as the fighter in him was attempting to stand until the ref called time on the bout, declaring Tierney the Prizefighter champion.

Now, in comparison to Ricardo Franco’s points win over James Connelly in 2019’s Prizefighter, a rematch between Tierney and the BKB champion could well be on the cards; providing the Gainsborough man defends his title against the winner of Sweeney vs Goodjohn in the summer.

But one thing’s for sure: with his victory last night, Connor Tierney has catapulted himself into world BKB title contention.




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