• July 4, 2020
At London’s Indigo on April 4th, the proficient-stylistics of Jimmy Sweeney and Tyler Goodjohn are set to emphatically collide in a battle of the bare-knuckled sweet science for the sake of legacy, notoriety, and course, for the sake of a world title.


In the history of the bare-knuckle scene, if ever there has been a fight where every aspect of ferocity, speed, violence, determination, and pugilistic-intelligence has its mettle severely throttled to the maximum, then Sweeney vs Goodjohn is the alluring affair which exemplifies every ounce of this beautifully-savage sport.


Make no mistake, the moment that bell rings – from the first to the last, brutally-educated blow that viciously lands – both Jimmy and Tyler will be hitting hard, hitting fast, and hitting ruthlessly. Neither man will neglect an opening nor ration the spite within their balled-up fists as torrents of furious punches batter-down, cracking, clattering and smashing into skin, flesh and bone.


As the two fighting men engage in what ultimately becomes a formidable and physically-strategical, bloody chess-match, thrashings will be exchanged like “reddies” at the bookies on Grand National day. At times, lefts’ will flash like lightning while rights’ crash like thunder. Chinks within armours’ will be exposed and severely punished; a Pinata receiving a beatdown on ‘Cinco de Mayo’ in Mexico may be a fitting analogy.


Success will be had and lost on the inside, the outside, in every inch and quarter of the ring. Horns will lock, souls will be snatched and so the barbarous dismantling of an opponent will be witnessed in thrilling-fashion amidst the tumultuous roars of a full house at BKB’s regular haunt in less than three weeks time.


At this stage of their careers – in addition to the BKB strap – both Sweeney and Goodjohn are competing for bare-knuckle legacy. Goodjohn is entering the early phases of flourishment, striving to carve-out his reputation, record and name into the history books. Whilst Sweeney on the hand has received so much recognition and commendation by the fans, promoters, and adversaries for his achievements over the years. And now, the three weight-class champion wants to ‘clean house’ before he calls time on his days within the bare-knuckle jungle.


Every now and again, a fight comes along that doesn’t need to have its worth peddled to the nines; bells, whistles, ribbons or bows have not been required for this bout. Sometimes, all that’s needed is the time, the place, and the two fighters whose desire, ambitions and rapacious pangs to be the worlds best carries enough clout to draw-in the punters of the fight game.


Come fight night, ‘The Celtic Warrior’ and ‘El Tornado’ will unleash everything within their bare-knuckle ability to ensure they do not suffer at the brutal fists of the other man. For Jimmy and Tyler – anything but a resounding victory will be completely and utterly unimaginable.

Here’s to it!



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