• April 10, 2020

Jimmy Sweeney took to the BKB ring last night to discuss his forthcoming fight with Tyler Goodjohn for BKB 21, April 4.

During an interview with Glen Mcory, the “Celtic Warrior” touched on his rematch ambitions with Ricardo Franco, stating a bout with the bare-knuckle champion was his immediate decision following a loss to the strapping Gainsborough fighter back in November last year, due to the ringside doctor calling time on the bout regarding a cut.

Stepping back into his BKB domain last night, Sweeney talked about his plans for 2020.

“I lost my last fight against Franco due to the doctor’s stoppage – even though I was three points up on the scorecards. Don’t me get me wrong he’s a very good kid and I wish him all the best for the future – he won that fight but believe me – next time I fight him – I will take that kid out.”

Jimmy continued:

“But – that was the fight I wanted – not the Tyler fight. To me – and until I’m finished, Tyler is the upcoming king of bare-knuckle. 

I wanted the rematch straight away, but Jim said Franco won’t be ready for April, so I said give me Tyler.”

“When I’m finished with Tyler, I’m gonna’ take whatever Franco has, and I’m taking everything back because this year is the end of my career and I’m cleaning f***ing house! I’m putting everyone in their f***ing place.”

Whether Jimmy calls time on his career this year, will remain to be seen. However, one thing is certain: It’s going to be an explosive and enthralling 2020 for the bare-knuckle scene.



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