• April 10, 2020

Three weight-class champion Jimmy Sweeney has taken to social media to forewarn his next opponent, Ricardo Franco, claiming intentions to dole-out a brutal-pasting when the pair clash on November 16 at London’s Indigo Arena.


Following his two-hour workout, Sweeney posted a clip with a message to his bare-knuckle adversary, ahead of BKB 19.


“I’ve just finished a two-hour session as you can see. Getting in shape again – six-weeks out from BKB 19, this time against the Prizefighter winner, Ricardo Franco.”

Sweeney continued;

“I have no doubt in my mind whatsoever that this is gonna be a hard, hard fight…for him!! Because I’m absolutely gonna box the head off him for three or four rounds and then I’m gonna knock him out!

So if you want to see me absolutely destroy Franco and give this kid a boxing lesson he won’t forget then get at me for tickets or get on my link. I’ll show this kid why I’m the fuckin’ king.”


Along with Sweeney vs Franco, Dean “Smudger” Smith takes on Tony Lafferty while Mark Rawes collides with Hubert Gevin in the semi-finals of the Prizefighter competition.





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