• September 23, 2020

Tyler Goodjohn has announced on social media that he may be retiring from bare-knuckle boxing. Speaking to one follower on Twitter, Goodjohn touched on his potential future plans:

“There’s a real possibility that I won’t fight again. I’m gonna move into my new career & concentrate on my gym & training new fighters.”

Tweets from fans, followers and friends were being posted with mixed reactions; some well-wishing whilst others were disappointed. One particular comment was made regarding the BKB champion’s re-scheduled fight with Jimmy Sweeney:

“Bro, you gotta fight Jimmy first surely…what a win to go out with.”

To which “El Tornado” replied:

“Na man I’ve paid my dues in the fight game.”

Whether this a formal declaration or just thinking out loud remains unclear at this stage. However, what is apparent is how the pressures of lockdown are affecting us all in a multitude of adverse ways. Some may struggle psychologically and emotionally whilst others embrace this time to spend with loved ones.

As the days and weeks carry us out of this period, hopefully, the world of bare-knuckle will be thriving with events once again.




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