• September 23, 2020

It was teeming bare-knuckled punches at London’s Indigo on July 7th 2018 when Tyler Goodjohn and Tony Lafferty savagely collided in what became a bloody and brutal baptism into the ungloved art forĀ “El Tornado”.

The sport was peddled to the nines that night as the two men lit up the ring, creating one of bare-knuckle’s most beautiful and violent vignettes. Generous flurries of vicious blows were donated in-both equal and spiteful measure. Licks were taken, punishment was shared and the punters were spoilt rotten as they witnessed a thrilling, classic bout.

Despite the Scotsman’s valor and determination, Goodjohn claimed victory in the fifth with an anchoring overhand right that timbered Lafferty to the canvas and out for the night. A truly spectacular display and honourable reference to both men’s records; one that has carved itself into the BKB history books.

So, as Tyler Goodjohn seemingly flirts with the idea of retirement, who will fill his boots in a world title fight against Jimmy Sweeney?

An obvious match-up would be Sweeney vs Franco 2. “The Celtic Warrior” would welcome the rematch to avenge his loss from last year; a doctor’s stoppage due to a bad cut caused a lot of controversy, and a demand for the pair to run-it-back was immediately called for by the fans. However, Franco had committed to an MMA bout which prompted Goodjohn vs Sweeney.

Now, it may be a possibility that at the right weight-class, either Prize Fighter Champion Connor Tierney or the calibre of “Smudger” Smith would be an allluring prospect and credible replacement for Jimmy. After winning the tournament with an emphatic KO over James Connelly, Tierney’s boxing proficiency and heavy-hands has established his threat in the sport, while Smith keeps improving and is a danger to any man within a BKB ring.

Only time will tell if Tyler Goodjohn is serious about packing it all in. The former English champion is a talented and sublimely entertaing fighter, and it would be a shame if he calls time on his career. But whatever happens, two things are for sure: Sweeney won’t be short of opponents and bare-knuckle boxing will continue to flourish.





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