• April 10, 2020

“It’s a bare knuckle fight for the ages, when they look back on in years to come they will talk about this fight.”


Tyler Goodjohn and Sean George put Bare-knuckle Boxing’s peddle to the metal in last weekend’s beast of a seven-round tear-up.


The fight possessed everything a Bare-knuckle contest should: two physically conditioned warriors ferociously colliding in a manner of pure skill, pure speed and pure savagery. The fight had knockdowns, brutality, rivulets of blood streaming from cuts, spatterings of sweat whipping from pissed-wet crowns as blow after blow was viciously dished-out by the two savvy boxers.


Both Goodjohn and George did not allow the each other to breathe, solidly hammering and smashing shots into any legal target on offer.


The fight ended in a split decision – the victory being awarded to Goodjohn. But this fight was definitely one for the Bare-knuckle Boxing history books.


Check out the fight on the YouTube link below. Enjoy.









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