• April 10, 2020

It’s no secret that Lineal Heavyweight champion Tyson Fury has Gypsy Bare-Knuckle blood coursing through his veins. Fury has blood-ties to bare-knuckle boxers Uriah Burton and Bartley Gorman, both considered “King’s of The Gypsies”.


In a recent interview with FightHype, Fury talked about the evolution of fighting and bare-knuckle.


“Look how boxing has evolved: you used to fight behind a line and if you moved, you were no good – you were a coward. It wasn’t until Sugar Ray Robinson changed the game with his movement, flare and flashy stuff.”


On Bare-Knuckle:

“It’s something that’s getting very interesting at the minute and people are gravitating towards it.”

“Everything has to start somewhere. Even boxing back in the day was not so big. Everything’s got to have time. MMA – even I can remember when it wasn’t a big sport – now it is.”


Although “The Gypsy King” has never competed in bare-knuckle, he once teased of his career in the ungloved art and one particular bout against a Mexican BKB champion in a barn: (Boxing Forum 24, 2017)

“I fought this guy he was the Mexican bare knuckle champion and they flew him over with some Mexican like cartel people, he had like snake skin pants on and he stripped off he had all these tattoo’s all over him head to toe and he came in like doing all these things and I just cracked him BAM and it was over.”





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