• September 23, 2020

If there’s anything to be harnessed from our nation’s Lockdown during these uncertain times, then it’s this: The next time two fighters step inside a bare-knuckle yard – believe you me – it will be brutal. It will be bloody. And, it will be an enthralling and bad-intentioned affair at London’s Indigo.

The savage pangs from a barrage of bare-knuckle boxers will undoubtedly be heeding the prospect of violent, ferocious and nasty dust-ups in BKB’s forthcoming instalments, with each and every bout.

Rapid exchanges of menacing, bare-fisted-blows will be thrown like money at a bartender during happy hour. The relentlesss spite within “Smudger” Smith’s punches will be apparent when he collides against Hubet Geven like a man possessed in their Prizefighter final. Sweeney and Goodjohn will dance a vicious pugilsits-waltz for noteriety, legacy and title spoils. Connor Tierney will aim to wreak havoc when attempting to re-align the order of the BKB jungle, following his victory over James Connelly. And Ricardo Franco will do all in his battling prowess to ruthlessly fend off any adversary who stakes a claim at his world championship status.

And this – this is just for starters. Here’s to it.




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