• August 10, 2020

As the bare-knuckle scene continues to exhilrate, enthrall, and embellish the world of combat sports with its thunderously-brutal and bloody affairs – once again – a proficient and ferocious glut of bare-knucklers will be eagerly awaiting the opportunity to unleash their menancing, ungloved-fists in an amalgamtion of skill, acceleration, and savagery at London’s Indigo, April 4th.

Amidst that barrage of belting fights which will be gracing the Indigo and our PPV screens is Darren Hendry vs Darren Godfrey. Both men are heavy-handed boxers and their on-course collision is anticipated to be vicious and nasty, with a rapid beat in its nature.

Darren Hendry could well be one of BKB’s shining stars: He can box. He can bang. He can scrap. And – despite his “calling” for the original noble art – Hendry’s feet are well and truly grounded as he intends to take the fights in his stride, never looking past any of his opponents, gaining experiences, testing his mettle as a boxer and fighter within the bare-knuckle jungle, aspiring towards a British title before contemplating world contention.

It’s fair to say Darren does not want his career to be a “flash in the pan”; hence his discipline and respect for the sport and his opponents.

Only time will allow Darren Hendry’s bare-knuckle story to be told. However, his journey I’m sure will be a thrilling and engaging one of that.

Don’t miss Darren Hendry vs Darren Godfrey at BKB 21, April 4 – it’ll be a belter.



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