• June 4, 2020

Their first encounter was a brutal, bloody, savage and enthralling bare-knuckled affair. Now, Artem Lobov and Jason Knight are revving-up to collide in a rematch at BKFC 9 from the Mississippi Coast Convention Center on November 16.

Back in April this year at BKFC 5, Lobov and Knight ripped into each-other with a torrent of knuckled damage – both fighters were relentless and ferocious on the night, their peddles scorched to the metal as they warred-it-out over five beautifully-violent rounds of bare-knuckle action with ‘The Russian Hammer’ grabbing the points victory over his man.

Lobov vs. Knight 2 is certainly a battle that fight-ravenous fans are salivating over, however, rather than a rematch, this fight feels like the two former UFC compatriots are simply picking up their battle in round-six – both heeding the rapacious pangs to unleash more brutality, more ferocity and more bad intentions in the form of bare-knuckled fists. And you know what?…here’s to it.

Don’t miss Artem Lobov vs. Jason Knight at BKFC9, live from Mississippi Coast Convention Center on November 16.

To purchase the PPV – see @FiteTV.



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